About company

LLC «AVM AMPER« is an enterprise established in 1999. on the basis of the Kremenchug plant of municipal equipment (exists since 1943), and is engaged in the production of electrical equipment for the transmission and distribution of electricity in such industries as energy, mining and metallurgical complex, oil and gas production and processing, industrial and civil construction, etc.

Having a modern production base with a high level of technical and technological support, the plant produces high-quality, reliable in operation electrical equipment for a voltage of 0.4-220 kV.

The enterprise cooperates with large dynamically developing companies such as Ukrnafta, a number of enterprises of the ArcelorMittal corporation, the largest metallurgical and mining plants in Ukraine and neighboring countries and many others.

The company has a quality management system developed and certified for compliance with ISO 9001 requirements, the effectiveness of which is confirmed annually by the certification company TUVRheinland through supervisory audits.


The latest equipment

The cycle of equipment manufacturing begins with cutting metal on the latest equipment of the Japanese company AMADA and ends with the secondary assembly of the finished product.

Electrotechnical laboratory

Our own accredited electrotechnical laboratory performs a full range of product tests: both high-voltage — using the UISG installation, generating voltage up to 550 kV, and verification of secondary connection circuits.

Design and technology department

The design and technological department, which has about 40 employees, works closely with design organizations, carries out a set of documentation (diagrams of primary, secondary connections, installation drawings of equipment for binding to the construction part) for project development.
The flexible policy of the company is aimed at constructive interaction with the client, which allows taking into account the specifics of the customer’s production process and meeting his requirements as much as possible.
It became possible to reach a high level of product quality and remain among the leaders only due to the constant improvement of all components of manufacturing: the design of the equipment, technology and organization of production. ABM AMPER has a production management system Infor ERP LN (Baan v.6).

The system analyzes the manufacturing process as a whole, automatically generates production orders for work centers on a daily basis and allows you to see in real time the status of the order at each production area, each workplace, instantly record any deviations from the schedule, delays in the supply of components, accidents at production areas and produce operational redevelopment, which guarantees high-quality and timely delivery of products to the customer.